Friday, October 16, 2009

Tracking Stats with Webmin (Centos 5.3 64bit)

As I have said before Webmin is a powerful tool. Webmin has a Third party module that allows you to track performance and trends on the same server without rely on external tools.

Open a browser with webmin interface http://serverip:100000

Go Webmin --> Webmin configuration --> Webmin Modules

Copy this link on Third Party Modules

Then Install it

The package installed will be called Historic System Statistics

If you click on that you will get an error because there are some packages missing.

The missing package is RRDtool. You can get it from different sources however I suggest you 
to use rpmforge repos.

Go System --> Software Packages and copy this link on (From ftp or http URL)

Then you would have to clean yum database.

Go Others --> Command Shell and run yum clean all

Then go back to System --> Software Packages

On (Packages from Yum) : rrdtool perl-libwww-perl

Install them

Finally go System --> Historic System Statistic

The modules start to configure themselve and then Start Webminstats.

Now you can have stats and trends running on the server without using external tools.

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