Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Traffic Shaping on Linux (Ubuntu or Red Hat)

Traffic Shaping or Bandwidth Management are  issues that concern many people when the Internet resources are limited. I think this can be a hot topic however it requires a lot of administration so it is probably not  a priority for most of the System Administrators. There a couple of traffic shapers out there however HTB is the most popular one and easiest to manage it. As you have seen before I also like to use some GUI interfaces as Webmin so I have attached the procedure to install the HTB module for webmin...

Download the HTB script (Hierarchy Token Bucket queuing)

#wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/htbinit/HTB.init/0.8.5/htb.init-v0.8.5?use_mirror=voxel

Copy htb.init to /etc/init.d/htb.init

Create directory /etc/sysconfig/htb

Create rules on /etc/sysconfig/htb directory. Assuming only one interface (eth0), this is an example configuration:

# cd /etc/sysconfig/htb
# vi eth0


Save file

#  vi eth0-2.root

# root class containing outgoing bandwidth

Now you can start htb.init

# /etc/init.d/htb.init start

Checking status 

#/etc/init.d/htb.init stats

With webmin module 

Install Tree:DAG_Node

#apt-get install libtree-dagnode-perl


# cpan -i Tree::DAG_Node

Then install webmin module.

Go Webmin ---> Webmin Configuration --> Webmin Modules

on Third Party Module : http://sehier.fr/webmin-htb/webmin-htb.tar.gz

and Install it.

To check the module go Networking ---> Hierarchy Token Bucket queuing

Configuring the rules is the trick of this Bandwidth manager.

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