Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Installing Cacti on Ubuntu 9.04

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 Cacti is a network graphic solution based on RRDTools. Installing Cacti on Ubuntu 9.04 is a very easy task.

Firts you will need a Ubuntu Server with all the basic installation.

Make sure you have LAMP stack installed.

#tasksel install lamp-server

Then install Cacti package.

#apt-get install cacti cacti-spine

This process will install Cacti 0.8.7b. After the install you can access the installation pages on http://server/cacti/ . Follow the instructions and the installation will be finished.....???

Access http://server/cacti/ using user: admin and password: admin
Cacti will ask you to change password so then you can access.

 1- No able to add network devices with SNMP.
 2- Thunbnails are not working.

Ubuntu 9.04 repos will install rrdtool 1.3.1, however Cacti 0.8.7b seems to support only up to rrdtool 1.2.X.
In that case, it will be better to get the latest version of Cacti 0.8.7e and install it.

Get the package http://www.cacti.net/downloads/cacti-0.8.7e.tar.gz

Enjoy it..

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