Thursday, November 19, 2009

Installing Groundwork 6 (Nagios) on Ubuntu 9.04 64bits

"Research time .."
Yes , yes probably try to figure out why Ubuntu. I prefer other linux distros like Red Hat, Centos or SUSE, however sometimes you can face developers that like Ubuntu and you can not do anything... so I decided to base many of blogs on installations for Ubuntu 9.04 (Current version). Moreover, 32bits installations for current servers do not make sense since most of the new servers have 64bit support and more that 2GB of memory.

I have installed Groundworks on Centos with no problem at all , however ...if you try to install Groundworks (64bit) on Ubuntu 9.04, you will find one issue. 
First, make sure you have Ubuntu upgraded

#apt-get upgrade

then get the Groundworks binary

# chmod +x groundwork-6.0-br120-gw440-linux-64-installer.bin

Now wait would think that you can just run the binary file to install ..however you will get an error with the agent.bin file. The problem is that agent.bin was created dynamically linked to 32 bit libraries you Ubuntu 64 bit does not contain these libraries. For this specific version of Groundworks, I suggest to install 32 bit libraries.

# apt-get install libc6-i386

Then you can install Groundworks .....This bug has already been reported
So newer versions probably will have it fixed.

Enjoy it ....

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