Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Installing vmware tools on Ubuntu 9.04

" Research time ..."
Ubuntu is not a OS supported by VMware so installing vmware tools on Ubuntu is not a easy task. 
First You can select to install vmware tools , then mount the cdrom drive on the Ubuntu VM, then copy the tar file to your local hard drive, untar the file, and finallly run ./ ...WRONG does not work.

First ...First have to make sure you have gcc and make installed ...

#apt-get install gcc make

Then ....the modules will not compile so you will see some errors. You can google and find the patches so then you can compile.  Finally you would think all this trouble to get vmware tools installed on Ubuntu .....
However, you can grab this script and executed on your VM and you will get every done . 
Thanks to, this guy is providing Debian, openbsd, and Ubuntu images with vmware tool  installed.

Enjoy it....

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  1. I just had some success simply installing the open-vm-tools / open-vm-toolbox that is officially provided on my Ubuntu 9.10 VM.